الخميس، 4 سبتمبر 2008

The Last Divine Message

"Between our hands, there is a book which is unique in its authenticity and faultless, undoubted about its correctness as it is first revealed,
This book is the Qur'an."
Michel Heart (American researcher) in his well known book "Top 100

The Qur'an is Unique.

Vone Hammer (orientalist) in the preface of his translation of the Qur'an says:
"Qur'an is not only the constitution of Islam; it is the peak of the Arabic eloquence. Its amazing diction witnesses that it is a revelation from God and that this word can never be from a human source. Mohammad has spread his power by the miracle of eloquence."
Why the Qur'an is Unique?
Only One Version – Arabic: There are no different versions of the Qur'an in the Arabic language, only different translations but none of these would be considered to hold the value and authenticity of the original Arabic Recitation.
Memorized by Millions – Entirely: An important thing is the Qur'an is memorization and transmission of the actual "Recitation" just as it came to Prophet Mohammad, from the Angel Gabriel and was learned and memorized by his companions and passed it down to their followers and continued in this way until we see today, over ten millions Muslims who have committed the entire Qur'an to memory. This is not a small feat. How many other works of literary value have been memorized and passed down through many generations in its original language, without a single change?
Each Muslim Has "Qur'an" Memorized: All Muslims have memorized a portion of the Qur'an in the Arabic language, Many Muslims have memorized large portions of the Qur'an from one tenth to one half to all of the entire Qur'an, and all in the original Arabic language. It should be noted, there are over one and a half billion Muslims worldwide and only about 15% are Arab, all the rest are learning the Qur'an in Arabic as a second language.
Qur'an Challenges Readers: The Qur'an makes the clear challenge. If you are in doubt about it, then bring a book like it, bring ten chapters like it and then finally, to bring one single chapter like it. 1,400 years - and no one has been able to duplicate its beauty, recitation, miracles and ease of memorization. Qur'an says:
“And if you are in doubt in that which we revealed to our worshiper, then produce a chapter of the like thereof, and call your witnesses or helpers (if there are any) besides Allah, if you are truthful.” (Surah Al Baqarah, 23)